The Sonata Collections is a more rustic collection consisting of a mixed of woven, velvet and chenille fabrics. Ideal for upholstery, cushions and bedding.

The Sonata Book 18-02 contains:

Alford: 55%VI 25%CO 10%LI 7%PL

Dalida: 46%CO 25%VI 21%PL 8%LI

Domingo: 44%VI 24%PL 16%CO 12%LI

Ethel: 47%CO 35%PL 18%VI

Ferro: 46%CO 25%VI 21%PL 8%LI

Luciano: 51%VI 23%CO 16%PL 10%LI

Milva: 54%VI 18%LI 15%CO 9%PL 4%WO

Ted: 17%PL 37%VI 43%CO 3%LUR